This is my heart. Connection. Collaboration. Community.

Equal parts connection and healing, Tom continues to work beyond the cliché of television talent shows and industry expectations, turning passion & career into lifestyle. On and off stage, Tom coordinates large all-abilities choirs, adaptive surfing and skating programs for wheelchair-bound individuals, all-ages songwriting and performance workshops and combined yoga, music and sound healing collaborations.

An artist whose music has been often described as “better categorised by emotion and experience rather than genre”, Tom is now helping others ‘Find Their Voice’ in an exciting new choir format - a model which he

and creative partner, Kylie Thulborn have begun to implement on a national and international level. Awarded national music prizes and performing alongside some of the world’s most recognised acts, Tom now shares the stage and collaborates with people of all abilities, helping to provide a platform for empowerment, self advocacy and community inclusion through the vehicle of collective song.  

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> Rotary Concert for Peace (full performance) courtesy of Landreth Images



Having developed a strong personal relationship with yoga philosophy and through practicing and travelling with Kimberly, Tom’s ability to respect and mirror Kim’s teachings deeply enhances healing and connection to heart wisdom. Tom creates vibrant live soundtracks through heartbeat grooves, contemporary melodies and ancient invocative mantras.

Using the latest in loop pedal technology to create incredible soundscapes,

Tom overdubs four part vocal harmonies, percussion rhythms and intertwining guitar parts, all live on stage. Tom uses his feet, hands and voice to create different moods; starting, stopping and layering various instruments as he goes.

“ This makes my heart sing. This combination of breath, body, vibration & music is soul awakening. Thank-you! I really appreciate how seamlessly you work together but also the tapestry that is created… It has allowed me to rest in the heart and become aware of its wisdom that I so often squash. I truly believe that the way Tom plays creates such a vehicle for this awakening in such a short but potent space of time. It’s such a honour to come to a place of freedom and allow openness to simply be. Thank-you for this opportunity to connect with myself & others. I feel truly honoured to be here. I leave knowing I have found wisdom, grace, love and peace to step into any time”.

- Melinda (Australia)


The Zoo - Chaotic Community "Choir"

> Take a look…

The Zoo Choir is a brand new drop-in style singing space for the shower singers, the carpool Cold Chiesel chorus, the bedroom Bonjovi's or those roadtrippin' with the Red Hot Chili Peppers... Channel your inner Johnny Farnham with a whole lotta other people who are just as nervous to sing in front of others as you!

Soon to be your new favourite thing to do on a Tuesday eve, a singing event to warm your hearts and vocals chords. This chaotic chorus is guaranteed to make you feel good. While tapping into our inner-ape, we’re celebrating the fact that humans are the only species on the planet who have instinctual impromptu musical skills.

*Caution - may induce spontaneous smiling.

“I honestly have a terrible singing voice but love singing, so I thought I'd go along ... What the heck, I could always feign tonsillitis I guess! Well I didn't have to shy away, I was I there with the rest of them. Wow, what a fantastic night. We all sounded sooooooo awesome. With some fun help by the amazingly talented Tom Richardson we ended up having the best time regardless of whether we could hold a note all not! It didn't matter because the way Tom arranged the tunes, it sounded amazing. Thanks so much to everyone. I can't wait to see the video and get some bragging rights of my own ..... Yep, that's me singing away in the back there, not feeling awkward as I thought I would, just having some great fun with a whole bunch of really nice people”.
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